Frequently Asked Questions

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Which account type is best for me?

Only you can make this determination, but here is a quick guide to help you understand which level might be best suited for you:

Basic - This is a "preview" level account designed for a quick demo. This account type does not have access to the leveraged affiliate program and is primarily designed for 'browsers'.

Pro - This account type gives you access to all the essentials. You also receive a stipend of $100 per month that can be used towards any product purchases or to product gift cards to earn commissions with. This account type can also earn from the leveraged affiliate program allowing you to earn from product sales across the entire network. Since you receive $100 in product every month for the $39/month cost, this ensures instant profitability.

Elite - We find majority of the users prefer the Elite level the most applicable to their business needs. Elite users receieve $300 stipend every month, get access to all the marketing tools to help them expand their network reach, and receive a slew of additional bonuses.Since you receive $300 in product and gift card stipend every month against a $99/month cost, this ensures instant profitability!

Enterprise - These account types are suited for larger scale businesses and users that require multiple employees or virtual assistants, have specific product and inventory management needs, and those that want to be integrated into all our advanced features for their standalone ecommerce/digital stores. This account type is made available on a limited basis. Benefits include $1000 stipend every month, custom integration options and dedicated account reps.

What payment methods are accepted?

UnBox Platform accepts a variety of payment methods for the platform subscription sincluding Visa, Mastercard, ACH/Bank, and BTC. Unbox Platform's eCommerce credits can be purchased only with ACH or BTC transfers.

I'm new to this, are there any instructions?

UnBox Platform prides itself on being one of the easiest systems to use to build a business. There are tutorials and instructions provided every step along the way. For those requiring even more over the shoulder-style training, there are a number of UnBox Platform users that provide very helpful video tutorials along with ongoing webiar training. .

What additional fees will I be charged?

We pride ourselves on simplifying business for all our users, and that includes billing. There are no hidden fees or 'per order' fees like most other companies and platforms. You pay a fixed subscription price that is never changed on you as long as you are active.


Can accounts be shared?

No, accounts are limited to 1 license per user. Sharing your account login is prohibited and may result in account suspension. Enterprise accounts may have multiple users on them that can be added in the 'Users' section.



What are the setup fees?

Each account has a one-time set up fee. This set up fee is charged only once and is never charged again on the account. If your subscription fails, you may re-subscribe without paying the set up fee again. All account types have the same set up fee.

How long do I have access for?

Each subscription is monthly in frequency and access is granted for 1 month from the date of payment. For example, a subscription paid on October 9th will grant access until November 8th.

How does the refund policy work?

UnBox Platform offers a no-questions asked 14 day refund policy as long as none of the provided points have been used.

What if I need to upgrade/downgrade/cancel my account?

You can change your subscription level at any time in your members area. You can cancel, upgrade, and downgrade your account at any time. Downgrades and cancellations take effect from the day your subscription ends. You can upgrade your account at any time at a pro-rated cost ensuring you never over-pay for your subscription.




About Us


UnBox Platform is a product of Knowledge Technologies, LLC, which was established in 2019 with the partnership between J & H Bssiness Institute - a 12 year old firm behind multiple ecommerce and digital content platforms, and Pramana Capital (, a multi-billion dollar fund focused on acquiring and partnering with innovative, future-focused projects. With the new era of social-ecommerce dawning upon us, UnBox Platform is dedicated to providing the best mechanism for promoters, sellers, and publishers to expand their business as quickly as possible, with none of the headaches of traditional ecommerce and sales.


Earnings & Commissions

How can I generate earnings on the UnBox Platform?


1. Platform commissions: You receive 40% ongoing commissions on the monthly subscription amount and set-up fees paid by your referrals.

2. Physical Goods: You receive a 20% commission on connected physical products.

3. eCommerce Margins: You receive margin pricing on connected physical goods allowing you to retail, dropship, or wholesale products and generate 10% to 40% profits per sale.

4. Service Fees: There are multiple service providers contracted with UnBox Platform. These are routinely updated on the Business Centers page. These service providers pay anywhere from $10 to $5000 per service referral (for example payment processing or legal clients).

5. Pro and higher users can activate 'Network' option to start managing entire network of users in their organization and receive "matching commission" earnings. This is set at 10% check-match on all users in your organization within the first 4 generations of your organization.

Essentially, UnBox Platform is designed to help you expand your business into multiple verticals and through varying mechanisms!

What are approved earnings?

All approved earnings can be withdrawn directly to your bank account whenever you would like. These are reflected in your "Wallet" as a balance. In addition, you may also use your approved earnings towards your subscription fees, to convert them to credits for dropshipping purchases, or to Unbox Points for the voucher printer.

I see my earnings are pending, what does this mean?

All earnings in your account have a default 14 day pending status (28 days for network/check match earnings) after which they move to an approved status. This is done to prevent fraud and allow time for any settlements/refunds on third party platforms.


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